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The excellent environmental peculiarities of Umbria are among the features that make this region unique, and give it the definition of “Green Heart of Italy”.
The area around Spoleto includes centuries-old thick woods, limpid watercourses and uncontaminated oases, ideal background for sport activities in touch with nature, such as rafting, horse-riding, trekking, cycling, long promoted by many initiatives in support of environmental tourism.

Spoleto Norcia

The Spoleto-Norcia railway line was opened in 1929; it was a remarkable example of railway technology, featuring 19 tunnels and 24 bridges and viaducts, along its 51 km.
The railway service was suspended in 1968, now the route has be...


The mystic connotation that has been characterizing Monteluco ever since is testified to by the very name of the mountain, that derives from the Latin lucus, meaning “sacred wood”.
Yet the sacredness of the place has crossed the ages, ...

Francis’ Way

It is a cultural itinerary that begins at the Verna Sanctuary, passes through Assisi, and arrives at Rome, on the steps of St. Francis’ extraordinary figure. Spoleto is a fundamental stage of this pilgrimage; here the saint had the dream th...